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By the time the film hit its final stretch Tow did work up some suspense as I waited to see if they were going to use the very obvious ending they were setting. Or if that was too obvious even for this film. Here Tow did surprise me and found a way to make what would have been a ridiculous ending even more laughable. Kane Hodder should be ashamed of himself for being in this trainwreck.


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Director Vanessa Alexander and co-writers Caitlin Gerard and Jesse Mittelstadt (Altitude, No Escape Room) wasted no time in confusing me and giving me a major headache. The film seemingly randomly cuts between timelines and in and out of dreams. All of this is accompanied by the image shaking as though the camera was hit and looking like an old 3D movie viewed without the glasses.

Tow keeps on like this too. Maddie tells her therapist she’s been having nightmares and the film starts cutting into them. Abbie breaks into his garage, which looks really well maintained despite having sat vacant for twenty years, and has a vision of him in his cell. Footage we see one way turns out to have happened another. It’s disorienting, and not in a good way.

Genre: Horror | Thriller
IMDB Rating Live:
IMDB Rating: 3.7/10 From 65 Users

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