Song of Immanuel Hymn (Sacred Songs & Solos #54) [Mp3 download + Lyrics]

Song of Immanuel Hymn (Sacred Songs & Solos #54)

Song Details: Song of Immanuel Hymn (Sacred Songs & Solos #54) [Mp3 download + Lyrics]

Name of Singer:
Song Title: Hymn (Sacred Songs & Solos #54) [Mp3 download + Lyrics]
Downloadable Format: Audio (MP3)
Date Published: 2023

The Hymn “Song of Immanuel” is a powerful soul-lifting and spirit-lifting song that has endured many generations, yet is still very much alive, fresh, and reviving. Check out the lyrics, watch the video live performance, and download the mp3 audio below to enjoy !!!

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Song of Immanuel HymnLyrics

Come, sing the sweet song of the
ages —
The song of Immanuel sing !
There comes through the portals eternal
An anthem of praise to the King !
Then loud let our carols of gladness
Re-echo the song of the skies ;
Once more to the tidings of glory
The earth in its fulness replies.

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2 Foretold by the word of the prophets ;
Decreed by the wisdom of God ;
We hail the fulfilment of mercy,
We praise our Redeemer and Lord.

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3 The centuries sing of His coming ;
The nations His wonders proclaim ;
And ever increasing in glory,
We sing of His wonderful name.
4 The song that is sweetest and noblest
We sing to the Lord we adore ;
And crown Him who comes to
redeem us —
Immanuel, King evermore !

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