Pastor Chingtok Ishaku Biography

Pastor Chingtok Ishaku Biography

Pastor Chingtok Ishaku is a Nigerian pastor, Bible teacher and songwriter, and he is eager to get God’s earth back.

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He is the founder and general sponsor of the God-Life International community, which thrives in the heart of Zaria, a large city in the northern Nigerian state of Kaduna.

Born (Chingtok Ibrahim Ishaku Gokir), (born April 14, Nigeria) was the fifth of seven children born to Mr. Ishaqu and Mrs. Keziya Gokir, born in Kano State, who completed his primary education at Police Children’s School in Kano and received it his Senior High School Certificate at Federal Government College, Plateau state.

A political scientist who graduated from Ahmadu Bello University, the Pastor Chingtok leads the worship with the knowledge of Christ, and this is found in his various teachings, conferences and seminars on prayer. He was for many years in the service of his spiritual father, Chris Delvan Gwamma, of the New Life Assembly, Kaduna.

On campus, he held various leadership positions and was also a pioneer in campus restoration. Chingtok sensed a call to the ministry in 1995/1996 and has not backed down since.

He still communicates through a variety of means, including Project 7000, a campaign to develop 7,000 people praying for Nigeria, the Zaria Praise Festival; An annual concert uniting worshipers across Zaria and Nigeria, a month-long education called “Praise be to God” and “The Whole Truth”.

His impeccable suffering lies in the fact that “as we take the kingdoms of this world and subdue them to ourselves, the body of Christ desires to enter into the fullness of the gospel truth and to bear clear witness to the full position of Jesus.” He is God and his Christ. “These teachings, music, jokes  are a major part of everything a person lives and will always live.

His album “WORSHIP EXPRESSION” and one “LION AND LAMB” (starring Olumide June and Nathaniel Bassey) have been a huge benefit to millions of people inside and outside the nation.

Biography Of Pastor Chingtok Ishaku


While on campus, Pastor Chingtok held various leadership positions and was also a pioneer in campus restoration. Chingtok felt the call to the ministry in 1995/1996. He joined the Oasis of Love Church in Zaria in 2004, where he served as an assistant Pastor until 2009. Also, in the year he left the oasis, he organized a life that included the union of God. Chris Delvan Gwamma, New Life Assembly, Zaria blossomed and Chingtok opened ten more shepherds to help control the activities of the association. During his time at Zaria, Pastor Chingtok created many spiritual events such as the Feast of Eagles (Zaria), Zaria Praise Festival (an annual prayer ceremony witnessed by all Nigerian music ministers) and the GLA annual camp Meeting (inviting believers from all over Nigeria who have gathered in the camp for a general spiritual fast for more than three days, the last camp meeting was called “Balanced” in contrast to the usual location in Jos). The royal race has begun in Jos, a moving train that takes the whole truth to a city near you.

However, 2015 was an important year in the history of God-life Assembly, as well as Pst. Chingtok moved from Zaria and lived in Jos, the capital of the plateau, to open a new group of the God-Life Association.

Personal life:

Reverend Chingtok is married to the beautiful Pastor Sarah Chingtok, whom he met in 2002 while studying at the university, and they were married in 2007. Zoe, the first child of the Chingtok, was born on April 6, 2008. Three years later, they gave birth to their son, Zion, on December 20, 2011, and then Zipporah, who was born on October 3, 2016.

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