Johnson Aluko – Afire [Mp3 Download + Lyrics]

Johnson Aluko – Afire

Song Details: Johnson Aluko – Afire

Name of Singer:
Song Title: Afire
Song Category: AFRICAN SONGS, LYRICS, Nigerian Gospel Songs, SONGS & VIDEOS
Downloadable Format: Audio (MP3)
Date Published: 2024

Johnson Aluko has released a brand new track titled “Afire”. Check out the lyrics, watch the video live performance, and download the mp3 audio below to enjoy !!!

Johnson Aluko is a spirit-filled and graced gospel music soloist gifted for establishing the reign of God’s kingdom here on earth through inspirational gospel songs. Johnson Aluko’s profile would be incomplete without acknowledging the mighty hands and Grace of God upon his life, the same grace at work in this life-giving, spirit-lifting, and career-changing song, Afire.

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Afire Lyrics

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There is a fire you can’t
See o
When you see it, you can’t leave,
(It is called come and see oo
Holy fire beckon on me) 2x

Call: Afire 2x
Response: Holy fire beckon on me 2x
From top 3 times.

We are ready for you purging
We are ready for you washing
We are ready for cleansing

Response: Holy fire beckon on me
We are ready for you move o

Baba we are ready for your use o
We are ready for you glory

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Response: Holyghost fire beckons on me.
(Repeat 2 and 3 twice)

Call: Afire 7x
Response: Holy fire beckon on me 7x.
There’s a fire

Fire from the Holy Ghost
Unresistable fire
Unquenchable fire / Ever burning fire
There’s a power
Power from the most high God
Irresistible power
Unquenchable power

Ojo to n ro
Ko se di lowo o
Ko se daduro o
Ina to n jo (ro)
Ko di lowo o
Ko se di mu oo


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