Apostle Joshua Selman – Koinonia Abuja Messages 2022 [All Messages Download]

Apostle Joshua Selman - Koinonia Abuja Messages 2022

Apostle Joshua Selman is a spirit-filled and graced gospel preacher, who God has blessed with several sermons through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to bless the lives of many. He is followed by several fans on his social handles due to the ceaseless release of grace-full, soul-lifting, and, mind-blowing sermons.

Apostle Joshua Selman messages has gone viral, enriched with several teachings. Kindly check the table below for a list of sermons in the album for your listening.

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January 2022 Messages

  1.  Marvelous Light
  2.  Commanding Salvation Over Territories 1
  3.  Koinonia Abuja Miracle Service January 2022 

February 2022 Messages

  1.  Commanding Salvation Over Territories 2
  2.  Commanding the Supernatural: The Dynamics of Faith Pt 1
  3.  Commanding the Supernatural: Engaging The Anointing Pt 2
  4.  Koinonia Abuja Miracle Service February 2022 

March 2022 Messages

  1.  Complete Deliverance Pt 1 
  2.  Complete Deliverance Pt 2
  3.  Complete Deliverance Pt 3
  4.  Koinonia Abuja Miracle Service March 2022

April 2022 Messages

  1.  What Seekest Thou?
  2.  Striving for Mastery
  3.  The Doctrine of Resurrection
  4.  Koinonia Abuja Miracle Service April 2022

May 2022 Messages

  1.  Striving for Mastery Pt 2
  2.  Activating Priesthood And Kingship
  3.  Striving For Mastery Pt 3
  4.  Discerning The Will Of God
  5.  Koinonia Abuja Miracle Service May 2022

June 2022 Messages

  1.  Keys To Destiny Fulfillment
  2.  The Presence Of God
  3.  Redefining Inheritance
  4.  The Manifest Presence Of God (Zephaniah 3:17)
  5.  Koinonia Abuja Miracle Service June 2022

July 2022 Messages

  1.  The Testimony of Enoch
  2.  Let Them Have Dominion Pt 1
  3.  Let Them Have Dominion Pt 2
  4.  Koinonia Abuja Miracle Service July 2022

August 2022 Messages

  1.  Let Them Have Dominion Pt 3
  2.  The Purified Church
  3.  The Price for New Dimensions
  4.  Koinonia Abuja Miracle Service August 2022

September 2022 Messages

  1.  Re-Defining The Coming Revival
  2.  The Roadmap To A Triumphant Destiny
  3.  Graduation & Impartation Service
  4.  Koinonia Abuja Miracle Service September 2022

October 2022 Messages

  1.   Sons of God (Prayer Drill)
  2.  The Reality Of Supernatural Exemption


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